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Medical Assisting with Limited Permit X-Ray Technician


Hours of Instruction provided: 1060
Outside Preparation Hours: 341.25
Weeks of Instruction: 78
Semester Credits: 49

All didactic and Lab Classes are in residence at the school site. Students are required to complete numerous classroom quizzes, laboratory procedures, hands on positioning and homework assignments.  Additionally, students will be required to take the midterm and final exams, and show proficiency in positioning as well as having verification of competency in back office skills.

The MA externship will begin when the student completes the Medical Assisting portion of MA/LPXT 101 and 102.  The LPXT externship will begin when the student demonstrates the basic knowledge and skills necessary to begin taking radiographs.  The extern rotation consists of documented proof of 50 Chest Exams, 50 Upper Extremity, 50 Lower extremity and 200 Torso-Skeletal Exams.

Library services, tutoring and job placement assistance are available.

Program Opportunities

Provide training on the basic knowledge and skills for individuals interested in a career as a Medical Assistant with Limited Permit X-Ray Technician.  A certificate will be awarded to students who successfully complete the requirements of the program.  Students who are enrolled in the Medical Assistant with Limited Permit X-Ray Technician program are admitted with the goal to obtain a State of California Limited Permit X-Ray Technician License as well as the ability to sit for the CMA or RMA Medical Assisting Certification.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission must possess a High School Diploma, High School Equivalency or GED to be considered eligible for admission to the Medical Career College of Northern California.  All applicants must achieve a minimum passing score of 20 on the School’s entrance exam.  Classes are taught in English.  The student must demonstrate the ability to read and write in standard English.

Graduation Requirements

Students must complete all areas of the program with a cumulative GPA of 75% or better and satisfactorily complete the externship program in an approved medical facility.  In addition, students must satisfy all financial obligations to the School to receive their certificate.

How To Enroll

Requests for an admission application or course catalog may be made in writing to the Medical Career College of Northern California, 1220 Melody Lane #140 Roseville, CA 95678 or by e-mailing the school at mccnc2000@yahoo.com.  The request for admission materials may also be made by faxing or sending the completed form on the back of this brochure.  Forms may also be downloaded from our website.

The school recommends that interested students call for an appointment to visit the classroom and discuss the program with an Admissions Representative.  The school’s office main line is (916) 721-7106.